Thursday, September 15, 2011

AMBER: Cutest thing ever!

So my friend has rightfully pointed out where is little Amber in these new post. So true I had the exact same thought. She will be 6 months old in 6 days (Oct 21st today). I thought I would count down the days with a week of Amber... So here is the start of her story these last six months +.

Six months proceeding Amber, Josh and I discuss....."Should we have a baby, should we not, yeah, nay, yes, no....ok no. I mean yes, cause I am pregnant!" We took the boys to dinner to tell them the happy news. We asked them not to tell anyone right away, our little family secret. Trey drew the following picture the next day. When his class mate asked if that was a baby. He said it was a doll. We used the picture to break the news to the families. Hey if a 2nd grader can pick out the baby on mom's stomach my family will get least Angela will. Some family members had a more difficult time with it then others. Can you see what is writen on the babies tummy?

At the hospital, as Amber was waiting to enter this world her heart rate dropped but stayed steady. I could tell the nurse was very nervous about it. She called it a low baseline heart rate. I wondered if I should be worried. I said maybe she is just chilling out as long as she can. So our little chilled out baby made her entrance into the world at 6 lbs 13 oz with no problems.

Finally get to put a bow in someones hair. The nurses at the hospital were so kind to get me started.

Devin was a huge fan on picking out what cloths and what bow she was going to wear for the day.

The boys adored her and I have been waiting 9 years to put someone in this cute red Hawaiian dress.

Let the cuteness begin......


B/J Thompson said...

Yahoo! Bows! Keep'em coming!

JoshB. said...

Some great looking kids. Must have a great looking mom!