Saturday, October 22, 2011

AMBER Cinderella Snow White Berndt

This is day two of six to celabrate 6 months of our little princess.

For the whole pregnancy Devin really really wanted to name her Cinderella.  It was really cute and we would make him repeat it for kicks to people.  One day he exclaimed in a stern voice "I am serious I want to name her Cinderella and her middle name Snow White".  He asked me one day "If we named her Cinderella does she have to live in the castle at Disneyland".  When Devin first saw her he said "I love her.  It's OK if we name her Amber Michelle...I just love her".  Devin shares a room with her and has a very special bond with her. 
We found him one day having Amber fight stuffed animals in her crib.  "Bam Bam Bam knockout ..TKO Amber's the winner". Devin is still thrilled with dressing her and picking out bows.  He even got upset with me when I wouldn't let him pick her cloths.  You can see here he was going a little over bored with the bows.

Amber was blessed on Trey's baptism day. We were lucky to have nearly all family in town and were excited for two very special occasions to be happening together. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support.

The Berndt Family

We are so blessed and grateful for our complete forever family and words can not express the joy and love we have for each other...

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dance all day said...

I am loving all these posts about your sweet family! love you can't wait to see you all soon! hugs and big fat kisses from auntie Michelle!