Sunday, September 04, 2011

Berndt Biker Gang

Devin ditched his training wheels this week and was riding around in 5 minutes. Next day Devin is standing up on his bike pedaling and jumping the curbs. He has already taken a spin on the blue motorcycle as well.
Josh took the boys out to the desert to do some riding. Last week they had Father and Sons camp-out. We have some VERY dirty socks.

This red mini is the newest toy. It was either pay the HOA for a couple of past months or this. I guess the HOA is out of luck.

Our true blue electric that has been a blast from the day Santa dropped it off nearly three years ago. Thanks Santa :)


Jen said...

You guys are such a fun family. Those boys are all so cute. I have to say, Amber is needing a little blog attention! Get that beautiful baby on here! :) P.S. We also had D.I.R.T.Y. socks after Father & Sons.... do Dads not require shoes?!?! :)

Hills' Angels said...

Harleys next, right? You guys are awesome!!

angie said...

This is Angie Pearson from Flamingo days. Hey, your mom said you had a baby girl. So cool! How are you doing? Love to hear from you.

Karissa Berndt said...

You guys are awesome--I love it!