Friday, October 31, 2008

My Lefties

So I got a book from the library on understanding your lefty child. James and Trey are both lefties. The odds of two righties (that would be Josh and I) producing one left is about 1 in 9.5. I think the odds of us having two are between 1 in 350,000 and 1 in 3,500,000. I remember when James was showing signs of being a lefty I was a little worried. There are just so many things that Lefties have to deal with. Josh on the other hand was thrilled. "He'll make a great baseball player". So I have tried to take Josh's approach and be happy and excited about the things they can be great at and the difference is only an advantage to them and not a disadvantage. So for me I am going to make it my goal to take as many obstacles out of their way as they grow up in a Righty World. Here are just a hand full of things lefties deal with on a daily basis.
Scissors. - Don't be fooled as I was that "Universal" or "Suitable for Left or Right" scissors are OK. They are NOT. I just got Trey some true lefty scissors today and I asked him how he like them. "These are great, I can see the line and everything."
Rulers, serrated knifes, can openers, buttons, cameras, camcorders, pencil sharpeners, indifferent teachers, righty desks, spiral notebooks, IV's in the left hand, just to name a few.
Teachers need to be aware of their lefties and teach lefties the proper way for them to write and position their papers. Where righties pull their writing across a piece of paper, Lefties have to push there writing across the paper. Lefties should tilt there paper to the right to write to prevent awkward hand positions.
Lefties will want to naturally turn things counter-clockwise (unscrewing things as a baby) vs clockwise like most righties. Kool-Aid at our house gets stirred counter-clockwise . Thats what makes is good. Well thats the kick I am on. I got the lefty scissors today and I am going to visit with the teachers soon. I am happy with James' handwriting and I think he is doing OK. He got so frustrated with scissors early on that he now cuts with his right. Something I did not catch soon enough. We got the special Lefty Golf clubs when Trey was showing signs of a golfing fanatic. Different makes them better and I just want to make sure they know that. Advantage Lefties!!


Laurie said...

I have a lefty too! I really need to make sure that Londynn understands that being different is OK. I just had to have the talk with her teacher at school. It seems her scissor skills were not up to par. But now that the teacher is aware, it should help. I didn't even think about her needing lefty scissors.

I hope you are all doing well in Utah. We miss you all!!!

Hills' Angels said...

FINALLY!! She blogs!! Hey dude I think your lefties totally rock. I didn't know that there were so many injustices for lefties! Josh is right (I mean left...) that they'll definitely have advantages in sports. Prep they for the MMA world and get them going southpaw style (or something like that)!! Love ya and see ya guys soon!

Judy and Bill said...

Wow! What a good mom you are! Do kids ever realize that their most enthusiastic fans are mom and dad and that we are on their side from day one? Lefties all the way......except when voting???!!!

Katrina said...

Love your mom's comment - so funny! I never realized all of the things "lefties" have to deal with. I think I heard once that they are supposed to be more creative thinkers. I'm sure they'll find other advantages to it too!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Yay! You guys have super sports stars or amazing artists on your hands! (ha ha, get it? hands? uhhh...)