Saturday, August 23, 2008

April, May, June, July, August....Yikes

OK, so it has been a while but has it really been 5 months. Wow. I guess I have been busy..or lazy for 5 months straight. Here is a run down.

APRIL-- James is an Army Ant in his school play and the "Terrific Kid" for the month of April.

MAY---Kristi came to Oklahoma and we had a blast. The zoo is always fun. The boys finished school. James is a goof and we are off to Utah for the summer


JUNE--- Kaiti's Wedding. Don't the boys look Cute? Trey's Birthday. Mom and Dad come to town. Boys nearly eaten by a shark. Blake came to town, loved that!!. We hate law school and we decided to move back to Utah....

JULY--- We moved back to Salt Lake.. Left some great friends behind in Oklahoma. Family getting wet at Utah Lake..

AUGUST---Yeah, we are caught up. Now that was not to painful was it. The boys and I headed to Arizona and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Josh and I headed to Lake Powell. Unfortunately the pictures have not made it to this computer so maybe next time. Here are some pictures from Utah Lake today. The boys love the tube (on medium speed). It is great to have them loving the Lake. I also got a surprise from Santa and got to try out an early Christmas present, a pink slalom ski called the Siren. Thanks Santa your the best!!



Hills' Angels said...

Yeah!! I so glad you updated! Your fam is so freakin' cute. Were those bow ties that the boys were wearing for Katie's wedding? Looks like good times! Love ya!!

dance all day said...

We love you - awesome skiing Aunt Heather - you are "too cool" (Macy) - I've got to get me one of these blog things -
Trey - you looked pretty freaked out by the shark! BE CAREFUL!
We love you all - hope UTAH is fun - talk soon

Judy and Bill said...

So....THERE you are! If we hadn't talked to you and seen you over the last 5 months, we would have thought you'd all dropped off the face of the earth! I love the pictures! Keep'em coming!

JoshB. said...

Your ski is called a Siren . . . .rrrroarrr. . . you look great, on and off of the water. Your kids look great. You are great! I love you!

K. Marie Criddle said...

You guys are so dang cool. I LOVE the Army Ant James! And you look so awesome skiing! When I grow up, I want to be like you.

Susanne ~ Mike ~ Easton said...

Hello Love!!! I am excited, thrilled and beside myself that you guys are coming to Sacramento for New Years Eve!!!! I can't wait!!!! :)

Angela said...

HEY!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to do a summer overhaul blog post! I love it. The kids are so cute. I saw the new pics you sent to your mom for her b-day. They are precious!

It was so fun to see your fam this summer. Blake continues to make plans for his next visit there in UT!!

Katrina said...

It was so fun to catch up on your family! Looks like you guys had a busy summer! I love the picture from the wedding - such handsome boys!