Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Deepest Apologizes

But spell check doesn't work in the title field. Did I get that right? So pretty pathetic it has been since Halloween. Just when this blog stuff got fun and cool I sit on my arss and think to myself ....uh I don't know. Well we have had some adventures. Let me recap.. Ice storm's are fun..not. Moving during ice storm is stupid. Moving and then packing for a two week vacation is insane. Driving 19 hours for said vacation (with winter storm attached) is difficult. Recovering from 19 hour drive takes two weeks. Having an husband that gets me home in one day (15+hours) is awesome. Unpacking from a vacation and a move...not done. Our stay in Arizona for Christmas was great. Family Friends Family is the recipe for a love sandwich. We truly appreciate everyone that took time to see us and be with us. Thank you.. We love you. Well life is off and running again. Josh is back to the studies and I am off doing taxes a couple nights a week. Taxes are fun hooray!! The boys are still in their old school so it is taking me 15+ minutes to drive them to school everyday...then 15 min. back home... then 15 min. back to pick up Trey... then 15 minutes back home ..nap for Devin then 15 min. to pick up James..15 minutes back home and there is my day. I have decided to save some money on gas and spend it on a gym membership while Trey is in school so it does cut down my driving a bit. I couldn't get Trey into school down by our new house...don't judge me. Well I couldn't find a picture of all the boys together so here is a smattering of the boys over the Holidays.


Paco Belle said...

You guys really amaze me. The boys look so big! the power of greyskull. Lookin' forward to seeing you all again.

Hills' Angels said...

Oh you guys are really freaking nuts! We miss you guys sooo much, but Zane can't stop talking about going to Oklahoma. (Did I spell that right?) We will feel your pain of a 16 hour drive soon enough!

K. Marie Criddle said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKK.....l'h'ma where my freaking awesome sister lives...with her little boys three and her husby sweet making lazy circles in the skyyyyyyyyyy!

Yippee, yoopie yappy yeah! Love ya Heath.