Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Halloween 2007

Here are some pictures of the Halloween festivities. Thanks to Merla for the costumes and being here to take some great picture. The boys had a blast and they all looked great. If you said Captain America around Devin he would raise both hands up and give out a yell that I am sure was his version of "Captain America". James says "I like Halloween and I like my Halloween costume and my costumes is Optimas Prime and I like my Mommy's costume at Trunk or Treat and Happy Halloween for everybody!. Good Bye"


Angela said...

Everyone looks so good! I love the costumes... except where's yours? :) You mentioned that my blog is not linked to my do I do that?

Hills' Angels said...

Heather your kids are so dang cute! Yes, I said optimus Prime is cute!

Paco Belle said...

So much fun! We missed you guys on Halloween...and Thanksgiving...and we'll miss you on Christmas...and everyday in between! Much love to you all this Christmas!

From the Duelzz in SLC

Laura Smith said...

Hey this blogging world is crazy! I am friends with Amy Yetter, who's husband's sister is married to your brother. Oh my gosh, that's sounds so confusing! Anyways, I was checking Amy's blog and then read your sister-in-laws to see how her little girl was doing and I saw your name under her contacts. Your boys are adorable. I have two boys and one girl, but those boys keep me so busy. I can only imagine having three! So are you guys in utah doing Law school? How much longer do you have? It was great to "meet" your family and hope everything continues to go well.