Friday, October 26, 2007

What? Another Blog about Devin!

Sorry sorry. Had to put another video of Devin. The moment was just to perfect. Grandma Nola will be so proud of her bone gnawing great grandson. Devin just grabbed a rib of Josh's plate and went to town on it, swinging it around like a lasso. Lots of Love from OKC!


Nola said...

What a cute video. Thanks for sending it. Almost as good as a visit. Cute,cute little boy and I'm not prejudiced..Glad he's enjoying red meat. Would make his g'pa proud
Love G'ma L

Judy and Bill said...

This kiddo is a riot! Keep these little "windows" of your life in Oklahoma coming. It makes you all seem closer than a 2 hour plane flight, or a 2 day car drive!

Anonymous said...

Devin is getting so big! It is good to see that you can get ribs in Oklahoma. You will need to put video or pics of the boys in their costumes on your blog. I am going to put more video of Mya on mine later. Good thing we all have such awesome kids.