Monday, October 29, 2007

This is Optimus Prime

On our way to the church Halloween party. Fun stuff. The kids look great and I won first place in the desert contest with a spider cake. You want a picture of the cake? Don't worry it is coming.
Lots of love from OKC


JoshB. said...

Capt. America rides again! It is a real comfort to know that Capt. A, Mater, and Optimus are around to keep the world safe.

Karissa said...

So cute!!! You've got the coolest kids...well, I have the coolest kid now, but yours are pretty dang close :). Okay, here's the deal--you have the coolest kids in OKC, and we've got the coolest kid in Chandler. Deal. I had to crack up at your blog about Devin snapping...I'm so sorry! What happened to the angel baby?! I wanted to tell you about a book that Merla randomly got me; it's called "The Baby Whisperer Solves all Your Problems". I've loved has all this stuff about helping your baby sleep. The author (Tracy Hogg) has another book just for toddlers too. Maybe it'll have some helpful tips?? Best of luck, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Much love, Karissa