Friday, November 06, 2009


Beware for Halloween Night.
There's goblins and Franeusteins that are coming to destroy you.
Bats and Vampires are going to suck your blood tonight.
And you better watch out cause Jack-o-lantern might say BOO!
You run inside and you see Zombies and Bye Bye to you!
by: James

The Boys got to pick a design for a pumpkin. Trey's haunted house was done on our accidental pumpkin that sprouted in the back yard a couple months ago.


Karissa Berndt said...

Great pictures! And I LOVE James' Halloween poem--so creative : )! Cute cute!!!

Hills' Angels said...

The poem...oh it's classic! The kids look awesome too!

Katrina said...

Your boys look great! I wish a pumpkin would accidentally sprout in my backyard - all I get are weeds! Love how you carved them!

Parker said...

Too Cute.

I love that you have a blog.

You're family is beautiful.

Miss you.
love you,