Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sonic vs Cable

So our free cable is being shut off Oct. 15th. What do I do? What do I sacrifice to pay for my cable. Let's see...I spent $65 on Sonic last month. Do I dare make that kind of sacrifice? Do I have that kind of will power. Can I give up the Coke with the vanilla lining? Can I call off the occasional JalapeƱo Popper?

NO!!! A thousand times NO!!

I live in the Sonic capitol of the world. I have four within 3 miles. Other expenses are down this must be a sign that the cable bill and the Sonic bill can coexist. I feel much better. I am glad I worked that one out in my head. The Sonic bill might be a little excessive I agree but it is not ALL me. Joshua likes to partake as well. Although I do find I hide the 44oz cups that I have gotten on my own. "Is this a new one?" asks Josh knowingly. " No, thats from yesterday" says I guiltily.


JoshB. said...

You get 44 oz. drinks without me? What else are you doing behind my back? I suppose you're seeing a Big Gulp on the side as well. Never in all my life have I been hurt like this. This means war darling wife, war! Wing Stop every day for me!

K. Marie said...


When I'm down for Christmas, that's ALL I'm eating. That and Pete's. And China Gate. And Barro's. Mmm.

Boston needs to get with it.