Monday, September 24, 2007

I Love Sushi

I have finally had some sushi since moving to Oklahoma city. The sushi in the mall doesn't count. This was a real eating establishment. Ahh.. I am feeling happy this week already. What is your favorite Sushi? Nice cool Salmon is the best. Then add to much wasabi to the soy sauce and you have heaven on earth. Thanks to my wonderful husband for indulging me.


JoshB. said...

That picture is kinda gross. But whatever makes my little wifey happy she gets.

Paco Belle said...

Jen told me about your sushi outing, and I had to laugh. I'm glad you finally had the real stuff. We sure miss you guys going out to Mikado and Express with us...somehow, the sushi just doesn't taste the same. Don't let Josh badmouth the picture, it looks delish.